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Lord we come to you today hoping to better live our lives as you have taught. Lord you give to us so generously and graciously even when we are at our worst.

Just let us remember if we are easy on people, we may just find our life easier.

We know by your teachings that picking on people, jumping on their failures, criticizing their faults, condemning those who are down with hardness of heart might just boomerang on us.

Let us continue to follow your example and give our life in love and truly our love will not only be returned but returned with all kinds of perks, bonuses & blessings. And we all like those!

We come to this your table, not because we are strong but because we are weak;

not because any goodness of our own gives us the right to come here, but because we need your mercy and help;

not because of anything we have achieved, but because you died for our sins.

Glory be to you, our loving Lord. We pray in Jesus name AMEN