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Discernment Team November 21, 2006 Meeting

Meeting Starting time 7:00PM (19:00)
Team Members
Check If Present
_____ Bob Smith- Leader
_____ Peggy Schneider- Assistant Leader
_____ Don Lubs- Board Chair
_____ Sarah Baxter
_____ Dr. Wes Morgan- Pastor

Meeting Agenda:
1.Purpose is to nominate members of the lay spiritual leadership of First Christian Church Conroe. Ie; Elders & Diaconate
2.Discuss Mercy Encourager

A. Open With Prayer
B.Nominate Elders For 3 year term ending 2009
Elders whose term expire 12-31-2006

1. Harvey Schraeder
3. Sandy Lubs
4. Bob Smith
5.Sarah Baxter
6.Marvene Caldwell

C. Nominate Diaconate For 2007- New members Term expire 2009
Member's whose Term Expire 2006

1. Leveda Glass
2. Connie Serrato

D. Discuss Mercy Encourager

E.Set next meeting date

Close With Prayer