From The Bylaws

The purpose of this Church shall be to carry on all the activities of a church of Jesus Christ as taught in the Holy Scriptures, and guided by the Holy Spirit, to win people to faith in Jesus Christ and commit them actively to the Church; to help them grow in grace and knowledge of Christ, to cooperate with the brotherhood known as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), to serve the community of which it is a part and to work for the extension of the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

The mission of this Church is to be a Church that worships and praises God in all that it does, manifests and teaches the love of God to everyone it touches, and invites all people to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Spiritual Gifts Discernment Team
A. Leader and Assistant Leader will be selected each year by the Board and they may serve multiple consecutive terms.

B. The Senior Pastor, Board Chair, and Board Vice-Chair will also serve on this team.

A. This team and staff Pastors will appoint the Encouragers based upon the prospective Encouragers' qualifications for the task, their spiritual gifts, their stated interest in the Ministry Opportunity, and their willingness to serve.

B. This team is also a member of the Coordinating Team.

C. Will appoint a Parliamentarian from the church membership to serve as Parliamentarian of all Congregational Meetings. Congregational Meetings will follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

D. Will appoint a Historian from the membership of the Congregation. The term of office will be for 1 year. May serve consecutive terms as often as appointed.

E. Meet as required to conduct their business.

F. Define Team responsibilities as needed.

G. Responsible to communicate their work and results to the congregation in an effective and timely manner.

Nominating Team

A.A Nominating Team composed of the Spiritual Gifts Discernment Team (with this team's Leader serving as the Leader of the Nominating Team) plus two Elders (one male and one female selected by the Elders), and two members of the Diaconate (one male and one female selected by the Diaconate) will present a slate of proposed Board members, Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Trustees at the Annual Congregational Meeting.

Responsible to ask members of the Congregation to nominate candidates at least eight (8) weeks prior to the Annual Congregational Meeting. The request is also to be made in the Church Newsletter and the Sunday bulletins. These recommendations are to be considered as the Team formulates their slate of proposed Officers and Board members.

B. Responsible to propose to the Board for approval, candidates to fill any vacancy in the Board Vice-Chair, Secretary, Board Member, Trustee, or Treasurer position. In all cases except the Treasurer, the term will only be to fill out the current year. In the event of a vacancy in the Board Chair, the Board Vice-Chair will fill that vacancy.

Coordinating Team

The purpose of the Coordinating Team shall be to administer and coordinate the church programs, the various ministry opportunities, and task force groups. Also serves in an advisory capacity to the Senior Pastorthe Board, and the various groups and organizations of the church as needed.

B. Members

1. The members of the Spiritual Gifts Discernment Team =====================================================

2. The Encouragers.

3. Others as may be needed and assigned by the Board Chair, the Leader of the Spiritual Gifts Discernment Team, or the Leader of the Coordinating Team.

4. The Leader of the Coordinating Team shall be the Senior Pastor or his/her designee.

C. Responsibilities

1. Appoint the Stewards based upon the prospective Stewards’ qualifications for the task, their spiritual gifts, their stated interest in the Ministry Opportunity, and their willingness to serve.

2. The Spiritual Gifts Discernment Team members are responsible to be knowledgeable in the spiritual gifts of the members and to insure that the Coordinating Team picks Stewards consistent with their spiritual gifts.

3. Administratively oversee the programs of the church according to policies and programs approved by the Board.

4. Study the needs of the church, evaluating its present activities, discussing proposed programs.

5. Approve/initiate all Ministry Opportunities or refer them to the Board for study and approval.

This team will seek missions and ministries to the betterment of the world, the nation, the community, and the Church. They will have the authority to grant approval, manage, and equip various ministries proposed by any member of the church. These laity missions also include, but are not limited to, counseling, visitation, and pastoral care.
6. Approve only those missions and ministries consistent with the beliefs, values, principles, and practices of the Church as defined by the Board and any written policies.
7. Coordinate plans and activities of the various Ministry Opportunities for the purpose of achieving an effective program for the entire Church.
8. Coordinate the calendar of activities as presented by the various groups and organizations.
9. Maintain and revise the Ministry Opportunities as needed.
10. Encourage the fulfillment of objectives and goals of the Church.
D. The Coordinating Team shall meet as often as necessary to properly and effectively administer the Church programs.

XII. Encouragers

A. Encouragers serve as resources for and coordinate the ministries of Stewards within their assigned Ministry Opportunities.
B. Number is determined by the Spiritual Gifts Discernment Team
C. Serve on the Coordinating Team
D. Provide reports on their assigned Ministry Opportunities to the Coordinating Team.

XIII. Stewards

A. Stewards serve as Ministry Opportunity leaders for specific functions and are responsible for implementing those functions.
B. Each Steward of a Ministry Opportunity shall organize to conduct the ministry for which it is responsible and meet as necessary to attend to its function. Each Steward shall plan, initiate, and administer programs within budget limits, subject to any general policies and guidelines established by the Board and the generally established policy of the Congregation. Stewards of each Ministry Opportunity shall make regular reports to their Encourager.

XIV. Ministers - Church members and others who are active in the life of the congregation are all considered to be ministers of the church.

XV. Other Requirements

A. Officers, Board Members, and Trustees must be participating members of the congregation.

B. All other positions may be filled by persons who are active in the life of the congregation.

C. Qualifications For Board Members

1. Shall be a member of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Conroe for at least 12 months and shall have been baptized in the name of Christ.

2. Must be active in the Congregation’s life and give evidence of seeking to grow in their own understanding and practice of the Christian life. Such evidence would include the following:

a. Conduct one’s life in light of the teachings of Jesus.
b. Promotion of good will and Christian fellowship in the Congregation and the community.
c. Attendance at worship services and other meetings of the Congregation.
d. Stewardship participation in the financial support of the Church and its programs.
e. Willingness to fulfill assignments on behalf of the Congregation.
f. Demonstrated skill or evident potential for carrying out responsibilities of the office.

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