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Our gracious heavenly father. We are so thankful to you for giving our church the vision to serve the community and welcome all who are in need both personally & spiritually.

It gives us great joy to give back to you a part of what you have given us to keep this building and people a true beacon of hope and example of your love long after we are gone.

We know those churches that become comfortable with their priority of keeping cash in the coffers and programs of the past will not survive to serve you dear lord in these changing times. But those churches that maintain or become revitalized with the vision to welcome the young and the old, the churched and unchurched, those dressed in the best there is and those dressed in the best they got and just to embrace the world of today regardless of culture, politics or preferences with the love of Jesus and driven by faith will be there forever.

Those who can give greatly to keep this holy place shining have done so today dear Lord and those who gave what little they could if at all have done so with a thankful heart both to you and to those so fortunate to be able to give more!! In Jesus name who gave us the most we pray.