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First Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ)Conroe, Tx.

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Our Church Life


Life and Worship at First Christian Church

* WORSHIP - Worship is the heartbeat of this congregation! We gather to praise and thank God with joyful hearts for the love and the care in God keeps us.

* COMMUNION - Communion is the center of our worship! We have Communion every week, and practice “Open Communion” --everyone, regardless of church background is welcome to share in Communion and remember Jesus.

* THE CHILDREN’S MOMENT - All children are invited to join in The Children’s Moment in the early part of Worship. Please come to the front of the Sanctuary to participate.

NURSERY - We offer a fully staffed Nursery for children –infant through age two.

* FELLOWSHIP - One of the joys of Christian life is the friendships that can be formed with others who share a faith perspective on life. At First Christian there are many different ways to connect with others.

* PASTORAL CARE - Personal, spiritual, marital and/or family issues may be brought to our Pastor who has extensive background, training and experience in Christian Pastoral Care.

* OPPORTUNITIES FOR PARTICIPATION AND SERVICE - The church offers many opportunities for you to be involved, and we are always open to suggestions for improvement. Please see Pastor Wes for more information on how you can become a part of the many ministries of First Christian Church

Updated January 1, 2014

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