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North To Alaska June 2008

Ketchikan AK

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I scheduled a King Salmon fishing charter at Ketchikan.

WLM558 Coastal Buoy Tender Ketchikan, AK
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WLM 558 (The Anthony Petit) was launched in January 1999. One of the new Keeper Class of Buoy Tenders named after Lighthouse Keepers. In 1946 Anthony Petit was assigned as keeper of the Scotch Cap Lighthouse in Alaska,a truly Coast Guard isolated duty station. In April 1946 an earthquake sent a tsunami over 100 feet high crashing into the lightstation, killing Chief Petit and his four-man crew. DIV>

WMEC167 Ketchikan, AK has Golden Numbers in honor of this being the oldest active ship in the fleet. "Queen Of The Fleet"

WMEC167 Acushnet "Queen Of The Fleet"
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