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View from rear of train A station stop
Above: A view from the rear of the train. Depending on where this picture was taken; the Ouachita or the Boston Mountains are in the distance.  Above: A station stop. To keep to the schedule, the conductor tries to get passengers off and then on as quickly as posssible in a safe manner.

Head end of Southern Belle At Left:The locomotive power pulling today's train. Number 25, according to Kalmbach Books Second Diesel Spotter's Guide, was the only EMD E9 owned by KCS. It was powered by two 12 cylinder 567c diesel engines for a total of 2400 HP. Built between 1954 and 1963, this old veteran is getting nearer to its final run.

Equipment At left: From the time table we can see what cars will make up the train.
There are chair cars between Kansas City and New Orleans along with a cafe-lounge-observation car. There is bar service in the two "wet" states of Louisiana and Missouri. No alcohol served in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Kansas. Also there is a sleeping car with 14 roomettes and 4 double bedrooms.By February 1969, the sleeping car was gone.

train observerAt left: A gentleman sending someone off or just down at the depot watching the train come in and depart.

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