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What's in a Train? Notice how fewer-seats-per-coach make extra "stretching" room...and how comfortably arranged is the coach-buffet-lounge for chair car passengers. See what a lot of travel comfort is packed into each roomette and bedroom. All on the Southwest's Glamour Train. -From the October 15, 1951 MKT Time-Table.

Above: 56 seat coach with a mens and womens restroom in each end.

Above: Coach-Buffet-Lounge.

Above: Diner. The diner would seat thirty six passengers at one seating.

Above:"All-Room" Sleeper. 14 roomettes and 4 bedrooms. This car would sleep twenty-two pasengers.

Above:Sleeper-Observation Car. One Drawing room and two bedrooms. Lounge seating for twenty-one.
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