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Photos of Missouri Pacific in Conroe and Marshall Texas

Train 42 at Conroe, TexasEagle in Conroe
  Above: Train 42 makes a stop in Conroe, Texas. The time is 4:30 PM. The Houston section of the Eagle is 39 miles and 50 minutes out of Houston Union Station.
The Eagle is sitting across the diamond where the Conroe sub of the Santa Fe crosses the M.P.
train 21/22 in Marshall, TxAt left: Train 21/22 waits at the Marshall, Texas depot for its 8:55 PM departure for New Orleans. It had arrived that morning at 5:05 AM.

22/21 at MarshallAt left: The morning sun shines on this train however there are only a few days remaining before it is gone for good. The consist behind the single locomotive is one coach. This is all that remains of the Texas Eagle Ft. Worth- New Orleans trains. The shiny exterior suggest this coach might be one of nine Budd built ex- C&EI coaches still in service in 1969.

engine 36 At left: With only two months before retirement and the scrap yard, Engine 36 sits near the Marshall depot. Built in August 1951 as T&P 2016, it is near the end as Missouri Pacific will have little use for E8As with steam generators.
The elderly locomotive should have no problem pulling the single coach behind it to New Orleans.

At right: It appears that 22/21 has a second coach in this view. No it is the same train as above. The bridge over the tracks in the back ground might look like the roof line of another car. At Marshall


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