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By 1965 train number 1 was departing St. Louis with twenty or more cars. It no longer operated as separate trains as far as Longview. At Longview the San Antonio/Houston section would split off and continue to Palestine. There the cars for the two different destinations would again part company. The part of the train heading west to Ft. Worth now joined number 21 up from New Orleans. And of course all of this was done in reverse for the northbound trains.

Trains 7,8,3,4,23,24,27 and 28 were primarialy mail and express trains with only a single coach on the rear end for passengers. The grill service did not extend to San Antonio. The trains between Ft. Worth and El Paso were coach only by 1965 as were the trains 52 and 53 between Houston and New Orleans.

Texarkana to South Texas

Other trains

Above: The remainder of Missouri Pacific trains operating as of May 1, 1965.

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