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Palestine, Texas
January 2, 1970

Today's train number 1, is running over seven hours late due to a detour around a derailment in Arkansas.
At right: After a long wait, the Eagle arrives in Palestine.
Due to arrive at 6:40 AM, it is now past 1 PM.
The Eagle arriving in Palestine

MP engine At left: Engine passing the station.
Without positive identification, this engine could be one of 4 E8As. Built in 1950 and retired in 1972. These engines were 2250 hp with 36" wheels, afuel capacity of 1,200 gal. The power was supplied   by two EMD 12-567B V-type 12-cylinder 2-cycle 55:22 gearing 98 mph Max.

At right: This train apparently operated without a baggage car unless it was on the rear. If not, then by this date Missouri Pacific no longer handled checked baggage. The car behind the engine is probably a Budd diner-coach or grill-coach. It could be MP 582 a diner-coach built in 1949 for the Colorado Eagle and not retired untill 1974. One of only seven food service cars listed in service in 1970. Pulling past the depot

refueling Diner comig off

At left: The engine has been removed to the refueling station while at right the diner is cut out of the train. The diner will stay in Palestine and await number 2, the northbound from San Antonio.
If this is engine MP 42 then it is one that was bought from the Boston & Maine in June of 1962. It is identicle to the specifications mentioned above except for 85 mph max. speed. It was retired in 1972.

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