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To San Antonio
Meeting No. 2 at Taylor, Tx   At left: Pressed into service to travel all the way to St. Louis, the train that departed Laredo at 9:05 AM is waiting at Taylor, Texas. It looks like it has a baggage car and two coaches in the consist. The time must be about 4:30 PM.

  At right: I don't remember what the lone engine is doing. The northbound train has a baggage car. So I presume that the southbound has one on the rear.Meeting  at Taylor

Goodbye to friends   At left: The northbound No. 2 departs Taylor. The coach on the right, No. 410, was once the 14-4 sleeper Eagle Creek, originally built by Pullman-Standard in 1948. Rebuilt as a coach in 1966; it was retired in 1971. On the left is what might be T&P coach 451. Built by ACF in 1948 and retired in 1970.

At right; The Missouri Pacific station in Austin, Texas. Photo taken in October , 1967. It was well after dark when the Eagle of 2/1/70 arrived. Missouri Pacific station in Austin, Tx

San Antonio M.P Station   At left; This is where passengers detrained and boarded Missouri Pacific trains in San Antonio. The scheduled arrival time for train No. 1 was 12:40 PM. This made for a quick turn-around for the Eagle and its 2:15 PM return departure. The Amtrak Texas Eagle passes by the station building as it makes its way to the Amtrak staion.
I want to give credit to Greg Stout and his marvelous book "Route of the Eagles Missouri Pacific in the Streamlined Era". White River Productions. It was the source for the information about the equipment of the Eagle. All photos by the web page author.

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