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Top inside of ticket

Left: Top half of ticket.
Right: Bottom half of ticket.

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Above: Union Pacific
engines on Amtrak
Sunset Limited in 1971

Above: Still Sunset cars
at Houston in 1971.

Huey P. Long bridge. New orleans motor car following Sunset-1968

Left: Crossing the Huey P.
Long Bridge. Photo taken
from rear coach of
Sunset Number 1. 1968
Right: A motor car follows
the Sunset across the
Mississippi River

Above: Train order for Conductor and Engineer at Houston May 16, 1969.
It shows two chair cars Los Angeles to New Orleans. A chair car was removed at El Paso and the consist will be four cars to New Orleans. Two chair cars, Automatic Buffet Car and a baggage car.
This was a typical consist in the late 60s up until the advent of tri-weekly trains.

All photos used in these pages taken by the author.

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