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The Arden was built in 1950 as Pullman coach No.5449. It was rebuilt in 1952 to the Business Car Arden without ever seeing regular passenger service. The car was designed for the use of E. Roland Harriman, Chairman of the Board of Union Pacific from 1946 - 1969.

When Edward Henry Harriman had a Business Car constructed for his use in 1899, he named it Arden after his estate on the Hudson River in New York. That car remained in service until 1940 when it was retired and scrapped.

The vision and standards that Edward Harriman had when he oversaw the rebuilding of the Union Pacific after bankruptcy, have been maintained to this day. After inspecting the line, Harriman began a complete over-haul of the existing line including a second mainline. The final link in a complete double track from Omaha to Ogden was completed in 1949 the Aspen tunnel in Western Wyoming was finished. Harriman also had the engineers examine ways to shorten the route, but still only 35 miles were deleted from the original line laid ot in 1864. Part of that came at a timber trestle over 100 feet tall and then filling in with earth.

Harriman died in 1909 to be followed by his son, Averell, who held the chairmanship until 1946; although in practice, Averell had Roland filling in for Him as early as 1940.

The success of Union Pacific in the 20th Century owes a lot to the Harriman family. It held up thru two world wars and a depression and has never missed a dividend.

This story is framed and hanging in the formal dining room of the Business car Arden today.

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