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Roger Kirkpatrick of Cortez, Co. The North America Caboose Guru Compiled this list.

Nacogdoches     TX ATSF 999139   ex-ATSF 2126, steel, cupola, Diver's Depot, Bremon & South (Hwy 59) Streets

Nacogdoches     TX N&SE         wood, cupola, Nacodoches & Southeastern Railroad, Millard's Crossing

Natalia         TX MP           steel, wide vision, LOCATION?

New Braunfels   TX MP 13385     steel, cupola, built 1950, International - Great Northern Depot RR Museum, with Porter 0-6-0T #7

Odessa         TX MP 13753     steel, transfer, Million Barrell Museum

O'Donnell       TX MKT 107       steel, wide vision, no trucks, Coop Cotton Gin

Onalaska       TX UP 25680     steel, cupola, Amlin Realty Office, Kickapoo Creek at US 190

Ovilla         TX MP           Ovilla Road, near Post Office

Palacios       TX SP 1546       steel, bay window, built 6/64, Railroad Park, Main & 6th Streets

Palestine       TX CRI&P         as T&P 3545, wood, outside braced, Texas State Railroad Park

Palestine       TX MKT 129       steel, cupola, built 1968, Texas State Railroad Park

Palestine       TX MP 13043     as MP 11043, ex-MP 1238/12043, steel, cupola, Texas State Railroad Park

Palestine       TX MP 13148     as MP 12148, steel, wide vision, Reagan Park, Hwy 19 & 287

Palmer         TX ?             east of I-45, north of town, with Depot

Pampa        TX ATSF 999634:2 ex-ATSF 2201/999949:1, Farm, US 60 & Co Rd F, 4 to 5 miles east of town

Panhandle       TX ATSF 1703     as ATSF 1703R, Square House Museum

Paris           TX CRI&P 17848   wood, cupola, outside braced, South Main T&P Depot Cafe, from Quinlan, Texas

Pearland       TX SP           bay window, built 3/64, Chamber of Commerce, 3501 Liberty Drive

Pecos           TX UP 25432     steel, cupola, near T&P Depot

Phalba         TX CB&Q         wood, Ranch, LOCATION?

Pittsburg       TX KCS 380       steel, bay window, built from boxcar, Cotton Belt Depot Museum

Pleasanton     TX UP 25356     Longhorn Museum, Hwy 97, east of town

Ponder         TX ATSF 999554   Keller-Williams Real Estate Office, Hwy 156

Port Lavaca     TX SP 4006       steel, bay window, built 7/61, Southern Pacific Depot, Virginia & Railroad Streets

Potter County   TX ATSF 999757   no trucks, County Shooting Range, north of Amarillo

Pottsville     TX CRI&P         wood, outside braced, School, poor condition (40 miles south of Stephenville)

Priddy         TX ATSF 999187   steel, cupola, Comanche & Indian Gap Miniature Steam Railroad, Roy Pickard Ranch

Quanah         TX QA&P         no markings, wood, Home, FR 104, 10 miles east of town

Quanah         TX SLSF         as QA&P 50, wood, Shed, LOCATION?

Ranger?         TX ATSF 999802   steel, wide vision, Jerry Ellis, GOING TO?

Ranger         TX FWD 161       as BN 11763, steel, wide vision, built 11/67, Melvin & Cypress Streets

Ranger         TX UP 25214     steel, cupola, Melvin & Cypress Streets

Red Oak         TX SLSF         steel, Hampton & Ovilla Roads, near Red Oak Creek, with other equipment

Red Oak         TX ATSF?         steel, Hampton & Ovilla Roads, near Red Oak Creek, with other equipment

Red Oak         TX ?             steel, Hampton & Ovilla Roads, near Red Oak Creek, with other equipment

Red Oak         TX ?             steel, Hampton & Ovilla Roads, near Red Oak Creek, with other equipment

Red Oak         TX MP           wood, Ovilla Road

Richards, TX BN#10593 Private Ranch Newly Painted as Santa Fe off FM1486 (Listed by Bob Smith)

Rockport       TX MP           no markings, steel, cupola, Depot Restaurant, 200 block Bus 35 & Mimosa

Rosharon       TX C&IM 71       steel, cupola, Davenport Mammoet, from Springfield, IL

Rosharon       TX C&IM 72       steel, cupola, Davenport Mammoet, from Springfield, IL

Rotan           TX KCM&O 5??     Ranch, Fred Springer, POB 1163, Salado, 76571, 254-947-5715

Rowlett         TX UP           steel, cupola, Whistle Stop Station Day Care Center Library, 2501 Hickox Road, 972-412-7036

Rusk           TX BN           Texas State Railroad Yard Rusk           TX CRI&P 18554   as TS 103554, Texas State Railroad Yard

Rusk           TX KCS 359       as TSRR 359, wood, bay window, outside braced, Texas State Railroad Yard

Sachse         TX UP 25613     as Sachse Shines, steel, cupola, Class CA-9, Chamber of Commerce, Hwy 78 & 5th Street

Sadler         TX ATSF 999405   steel, cupola, no trucks, American Railroad Salvage, Hwy 82, 903-564-9103

Sadler         TX ATSF 999743   steel, wide vision, American Railroad Salvage, Hwy 82, 903-564-9103

Sadler         TX MKT 128       steel, wide vision, no trucks, American Railroad Salvage, Hwy 82, 903-564-9103

Saginaw         TX ATSF 999116   steel, cupola, Mercantile Depot, Train & Grain Park

Saginaw         TX SLSF 1284     as fake BN 12000, ex-BN 11612, steel, wide vision, Willow Creek Park, McLeroy & Knowles

San Angelo     TX ATSF 999422   steel, cupola, Class CE-1, KCM&O/ATSF Depot Museum, was at Texas Tank Car?

San Angelo?     TX BN 12368     steel, wide vision, built 6/80, Texas Tank Car, GOING TO Fort Worth, Texas?

San Angelo     TX CRI&P 17753   wood, cupola, outside braced, Ranch, Eric Eggemeyer, 915-655-1166, from San Antonio, 4 SALE

San Antonio     TX MP 13919     as MP 11919 (1), steel, transfer, blt.'64, Texas Trans. Mus., McAllister Park, 11731 Wetmore Road

San Antonio     TX MP 13083 (2) steel, bay window, built 1/82, Texas Transportation Museum, McAllister Park

San Antonio     TX MP 13430 (2) steel, bay window, built 1/82, Texas Transportation Museum, McAllister Park

San Antonio     TX UP 25275     steel, cupola, Class CA-5, Texas Transportation Museum, McAllister Park

San Antonio     TX ATSF         steel, cupola, no trucks?, Wendy's Restaurant (closed), Bandera Road

San Antonio     TX ATSF         steel, cupola, Rt 181 S

San Antonio     TX MP           steel, cupola, Monterey Scrap & Iron, Frio Road

San Antonio     TX MP 13624     steel, wide vision, Monterey Scrap & Iron, Frio Road

San Augustine   TX ATSF 999719   steel, cupola, Class CE-8, Market & Bolivar, from Taylor, Texas

Sandia         TX CRI&P 17754   wood, cupola, outside braced, FM 1540, south of TX 359, about 1 mile east of town, FOR SALE

Sandia         TX CRI&P 17808   private, LOCATION?

San Marcos     TX MP 13111     as MP 12111, Old Mill, ADDRESS?

San Saba?       TX ?             2 cabooses, along river?

Schertz         TX SP           Reidel's Furniture, Hwy 90

Sealy           TX ATSF 1605     steel, cupola, no trucks, Santa Fe Park Museum, East Main & Silliman

Seven Points   TX MP 13054 (1) as MP 1249/ex-12054/11054/steel/cupola/blt'53/x-Bar-B-Que/Cedar Creek Lake, w/coach&boxcar

Shepherd       TX MP 13372     steel, cupola, City Park, Railroad Avenue & SH 150, from Odem, Texas "Painted by City as "Houston East West Texas"

Shepherd       TXSP 1880     steel,bay window,Private residence w/boxcar, Railroad Avenue near SH 150 just South of City Park(Added to list by Bob Smith)

Sherman         TX ATSF 999801   no markings, steel, cupola, Meridian Aggregates Co. Scalehouse, BNSF Yard, 1010 Frisco Rd.

Sherman         TX ATSF 999814   steel, cupola, BNSF Sherman Yard, FOR SALE?

Sierra Blanca   TX SP 1776       steel, bay window, built 1/67, Hudspeth County RR Museum, Southern Pacific Depot, El Paso St.

Silsbee         TX ?             steel, cupola, former Western Wear Store, Railroad Avenue at FR 327

Smithville     TX B&O 903738   steel, bay window, City Park, Hwy 71

Smithville     TX CRI&P         wood, cupola, outside braced, Riverbend Park, Hwy 71, 4 mi e of town, poor condition, FOR SALE

Smithville     TX MKT 835       as Austin &Tx Cent. 097, wood, cupola, ex-boxcar '37, Katy House B&B, x-SanAntonio&CedarPark

Smithville     TX MKT 106       steel, wide vision, Museum, near Union Pacific Yard, with UP 24554

Smithville     TX UP 24554     ex-RI 17136, steel, bay window, built 1967, Museum, near Union Pacific Yard, with MKT 106

Smyer           TX ATSF 999961   ex-ATSF 2229, built 1949, with Whiteface Depot

Somerville     TX ATSF 999636   steel, cupola, Elementary School, from D'Hanis, Texas

South Houston   TX FWD           wood, cupola, outside braced, Standard Construction, 9802 Winkler Drive/Hwy 3

South Houston   TX ATSF         steel, cupola, Droubi's Import & Deli, ex-Victoria Station, 6601 Bellfort Street, near Astrodome

South Houston   TX CN 78196     as CANX 78196, C.K. Witco chemicals, Alameda & McHard Roads

Spearman       TX ATSF 999156   ex-ATSF 2070, Santa Fe Depot Museum

Spring         TX MP 13248(2003 photo)((2007 photo here)    steel, cupola, Old Town Hamburger Eatery, Midway & Preston

Sulphur Springs TX KCS 368       wood, bay window, City Park, Connally & League Streets

Sunnyvale       TX T&P?         steel, cupola, LOCATION?

Teague         TX GN X41       as BN 10312, steel, cupola, built 1961, Burlington-Rock Island Railroad Museum, T&BV Depot

Tell           TX FWD 110       Jack Garrison, LOCATION?

Temple         TX ATSF 999324   as ATSF 1556, ex-Gulf, Colo. & Santa Fe, built 1927, Railroad & Heritage Museum, Avenue H

Temple         TX MKT 140       steel, wide vision, built 1973, Railroad & Heritage Museum, Avenue H, 800-479-0338

Temple         TX MP 13048 (1) as MP 1243, steel, cupola, RR & Heritage Museum, Ave. H, 800-479-0338, from Boxcar Annie's?

Temple         TX SSW 37       steel, wide vision, stored in BNSF Yard, Bert Dockall, owner, FOR SALE

Texarkana       TX CRI&P 17688   wood, outside braced, LOCATION?, FOR SALE

Texas City     TX T&NO 317     ex-SP 317, steel, cupola, blt 6/40, Nobles Park, Ninth Ave. & 12th St., from Galveston RR Museum

Texas City     TX T&NO 320     private, LOCATION?

Texline?       TX C&S 10608     H. W. Baker, LOCATION?

Thompsons       TX ATSF 999381   back yard, near west leg of Smither Lake Power Plant Wye

Troup           TX UP 25525     steel, cupola, Class CA-8, Park, from Neodesha, Kansas

Troy           TX ATSF 999440   David Hobbs, 1341 Bottoms East Road, 76501

Trumbull       TX SLSF         cupola, near I-45, LOCATION?

Turkey         TX ATSF         TX 86, 1 mile west of town

Tyler           TX ICG 199461   or 199416?, steel, wide vision, Brookshire's World of Wildlife Mus., 1600 WSW Loop 323, 534-3314

Tyler           TX SSW 104       ex-SSW 2101, wood, cupola, Ranch, Co Rd 26, 6 miles east of town, from Kilgore & Flint, Texas

Umbarger       TX ?             wood, poor condition, LOCATION?

Valley Mills   TX ATSF 999249   Park, with Depot

Van Horn       TX UP 25151     steel, cupola, Class CA-4, Chamber of Commerce, Best Western Motel

Waco           TX UP 24555     ex-RI 17137, steel, bay window, built 1967, Lions Kiddieland Park

Waco           TX MKT 929       wood, outside braced, Miller's Waterworks Restaurant?, 101 Mill St. & MLK Blvd./Lake Brazos Dr.

Waskom         TX SP?           no markings, steel, bay window, Hearne Street & US 80

Waterford       TX GTW 77049     wood, cupola, Rick Wise, LOCATION?, from Avilla, Indiana

Weatherford     TX ATSF 785     wood, side door, built 1910, Chamber of Commerce, Santa Fe Depot

Weatherford     TX BN 12091     steel, wide vision, built 9/75, Mike Yarbrough, 2558 Green Branch Road, 76085, 817-596-4238

Webster         TX MP 13147     as MP 12147, steel, cupola, built 1929, Public Storage Office, 15114 Hwy 3, 800-44-STORE

Weimar         TX Shepherd       TXSP 1888       steel, bay window, built 6/72, Chamber of Commerce Office, Depot Library

Weir           TX ATSF 999307   steel, cupola, Main Street, from Georgetown Railroad, Georgetown, Texas

West           TX D&RGW 01470   steel, cupola, Mr. Snodhous, Wiggans Road, 0.3 miles west of I-35

West           TX MKT 213       steel, wide vision, Depot, Central Texas Chapter, National Railway Hist. Soc., from Woodway, TX

West           TX MP 13057     steel, transfer, Chamber of Commerce, 1 block north of KATY Depot

Weston         TX ATSF         as BN 11521, ex-SLSF 1180, steel, cupola, FM 543, 0.5 miles south of town

Weston         TX ATSF         as BN, ex-SLSF, steel, cupola, Collin Co Rd 170, 1.8 miles west of FM 543, with other equipment

Wharton         TX SP           steel, cupola, built 1948?, Larry Sitka, LOCATION?, 979-532-8667, from Eagle Lake, FOR SALE

White Oak       TX T&P 13108     ex-T&P 12108, LOCATION?

Wichita Falls   TX FWD 101?     wood, outside braced, Antique Store, Hwy 287, west of town, with FWD boxcar, chair car & diner

Wichita Falls   TX SLSF 1712     as BN 11687", steel, wide vision, built 4/74, Wichita Falls Railroad Museum

Wichita Falls   TX MKT 111       steel, wide vision, built 1966, Wichita Falls Railroad Museum (Repainted 12-2006)

Wichita Falls   TX MKT 212       ex-MKT 1020, steel, cupola, built 1949, rebuilt to wide vision 1981, Wichita Falls Railroad Museum(repainted 12-2006)

Wichita Falls   TX MP 13561     steel, wide vision, built 1972, Wichita Falls Railroad Museum
Repainted to Wichita Falls Southern by Museum about 2007 as WFS#13

Wichita Falls   TX UP 25717     steel, cupola, Class CA-10, Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Ry, ex-Cheyenne, WY & Belle Chase, LA

Wills Point     TX UP           as T&P 1 side, steel, cupola, Wills Point Historical Society Hospitality Center, US 80

Wimberley       TX CRI&P 17802   wood, outside braced, no trucks, Trailer Park, off City Square, Joy Lane, owner, 512-847-5422

Winnesboro     TX KCS 366       Depot

Winters         TX MP 13695     steel, bay window, Z. I. Hale Museum, Melwood at West Dale

Wylie           TX T&P           no markings, wood, cupola, Wylie Glass Company, Hwy 78 & Eubanks St./Co Rd 389, FOR SALE

Wylie           TX SP?           no markings, wood, cupola, Wylie Glass Co., Hwy 78 & Eubanks Street/Co Rd 389, FOR SALE

Zephyr         TX ATSF 999415   steel, cupola, no trucks, Farm, east of Hwy 84 & 183, with ATSF steel coach, east of Brownwood

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