Timber Rock Locomotive Roster(June 2007 Timber Rock ceases operation on Conroe Sub-Again BNSF)


Timber Rock Railroad Locomotive Roster

Updated January 02, 2008

TIBR Locomotive Roster

LLPX 178 SW1500 Current Conroe, Tx Switcher 1-26-06

LLPX 180 SW1500 Current Conroe, Tx Switcher 1-26-06

LLPX 181 SW1500

HLCX 868 GP35M

It is possible the FURX GP40M-3s are off lease December 2005

FURX 1162 GP40M-3

FURX 1167 GP40M-3

FURX 1169 GP40M-3

FURX 1176 GP40M-3

FURX 1177 GP40M-3

FURX 1178 GP40M-3

WATX 2008 GP20

WATX 2009 GP20

WAMX 3003 GP30 (Eastern Idaho)

WAMX 3022 GP30M Yellow Ex B&O

HLCX 3632 GP38

WAMX 3899 SD38 The frame # is 73648-1painted red w/a white stripe down the long hood.

WAMX#3904 GP39V(Former BNSF#2973)(Built GMO#629 GP35 Conroe, Tx(In BN Green Paint)

href="https://www.angelfire.com/ut2/longhornson/timberrock/wamx4004.jpg">WAMX 4004 GP40-2LW

WAMX 4005 GP40-2LW

WAMX 4006 GP40-2LW (In Blubonnets)

WAMX 4007 GP40-2LW

WAMX 4011 GP40-2LW

WAMX 4013 GP40-2LW

WAMX 4014 GP40-2LW

WAMX 4015 GP40-2LW

WAMX 4025 GP40-2LW In CN paint

WAMX 4027 GP40-2LW In CN paint

WAMX 4030 GP40-2LW In CN paint

WAMX 4032 GP40-2LW In CN paint

WAMX#5001 GP 50

WAMX#5003 Former UP GP 50

WAMX#5004 Former UP GP 50

WAMX#5006 Former UP GP 50

WAMX#5007 Former UP GP 50

WAMX#5011 Former UP GP 50

WAMX 5101 SD50 In UP paint

WAMX 5102 SD50 Appalacian & Ohio In UP paint

WAMX 5103 SD50 In UP paint

WAMX 5104 SD50 In UP paint

WAMX 5105 SD50 In UP paint W/Appalacian and Ohio Lettering

WAMX 5106 SD50 In UP paint

WAMX 5111 SD50 In CNW Paint

BNSF# 6844 SD40-2 (Leased From BNSF in 2004 to get started on Conroe Sub Take Over)

WAMX 7005 GP9 (Kansas & Oklahoma)

WAMX 7021 GP7

BNSF 7058 SD40-2 (leased from BNSF)(BN Green)

Note: WAMX is Watco Asset Management. Watco's leasing arm.

BNSF Trains on Timber Rock

These are called for later today:

Another UBWWSSB ETA Somerville 11AM

U CFSMAR (Cliffstone-Martin Lake) ETA Somerville 1PM

Both of these should arrive Silsbee tonight.

Also there is always rock bound for Waukegan.

Symbols: U BWWWTX (Brownwood-Waukegan) and U KTXWTX

Thanks to Mark St Aubin For Info!!

FYI: Waukegan trains are for Pavers Supply on FM 1485 East of Conroe, Tx These were Youens trains under BNSF, ie; BWWYOU, KTXYOU Etc.

Updated May 25, 2014

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