Cincinnati Railroad Adventure July 2003


I want to thank the group for all the information and help. I was crushed that NS had shut down Portsmouth-Cincy track except for illusive local.

I stayed near Buford, OH on my brothers farm and never heard a train near Mt. Orab on this line. In 2000 there wasn't an evening we did not hear the whistle blow!! Also traveled State 32 into East Gate area several times and did not spot a thing.

Visit to my old home town of Newtown revealed the Depot at Debolt St was history. A signal at that location was green for Westbound. Noticed little siding in Newtown between Church St. & Debolt was gone. ( Only held a couple box cars years past.) No luck though on seeing local that day. I was a school crossing guard at Church St. crossing in 7th grade at Newtown school BTW. And I believe the video Steam Across America (East) does have opening scene from or near that crossing. I got that video in a sales contest at the Great Train Store where I managed. I belive one was in Kenwood Mall.

Spent Monday and Tuesday crappie fishing at Paint Creek.

Taking State highway from Buford to Hillsboro we crossed an abandoned ROW. I believe a spur off the old N&W (NS Cincy district). Anyone got any info on this line into Hillsboro???

My brother and I did catch about 65 crappie first day ( Kept 13 over 9") and over 100 Tuesday. Threw all back as we had enough to eat.

Wednesday we started in Morrow, Oh at a nice depot. My daughter lives East of Morrow, OH. We then went to Loveland, OH where live CSXT tracks (Ex-B&O?) tracks go past a depot either for sale or lease. Don't remember which. Appeared former interlocker there between B&O and PENN (Little Miami).

Traveled thru Miamiville and Camp Dennison where depots were apparently long gone. But on SH 126 between Camp Dennison and Milford got photos of Penn Railroad overpass (Shawnee Run Rd.???) with Pennsylvania still visible. Ten to beginning of trail that follows Little Miami ROW from Milford North to ???.

Walking trail goes West from Milford Depot that now is grave marker business. Went to Terrace Park and found no depot but a neat one way stone arch Railroad overpass!!

Between Terrace Park and Newtown Road going West on Route 50 noticed a lot of equipment clearing old Little Miami ROW. Are they going to lengthen trail???

After Newtown stop we went to my personal crown jewel of trip. The Madiera Depot. Had an ice cream cone in the depot and admired memorabilia. Great G scale train runs inside.

Finally on the way back to Mt Orab that evening stopped to see Blanchester depot(Property of CSXT).

I guess CSXT track thru Madiera, Loveland goes on past Blanchester???

Thursday saw us in Lebanon and I saw my only locomotive of the trip. The Turtle Creek & Lebanon IORP#55 GP7. Great Stuff. Thanks again for info on the stuff East of Cincy. I love your group and will read posts ofCincy scene to prepare for return next June.

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