Conroe Tx. Railroad Crossing Fatalities

I am an Operation Lifesaver Presenter in Conroe, Tx an it is a quest of mine to get the highway crossing-rail crossing safety message to as many neighbors as possible.

This is the crossing at FM 1488 on Union Pacific Palestine Subdivision. About MP 199.60. It is next crossing South of my home crossing at MP 198.40 (River Plantation)

Cort William Martin born 2-28-83, died instantly 10-20-2000 Age 17. Drove around gates. FM 1488 Crossing UP Palestine Sub

Dwight Hook Jr. Born 2-7-75 and died instantly 5-19-01 driving around gates that were down. FM 1488 UP Palestine Sub.

May 19, 2001 Fatal Collision HWY 1488 Crossing Front Page of Conroe Courier was of coarse 2nd fatal collision at FM1488 crossing in past 7 months. Story at: ================================ Another Fatal collision at River Plantation Drive 8-28-04.

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Updated September 7 , 2014

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