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The Angelina Neches River Railroad

Located in Lufkin, Texas. The office is at 2225 Spence Street. Phone number is 936-634-4403. I have not personally visited but plan to in 2002. Interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad whose Old Southern Pacific "Rabbit" line more or less follows US Hwy 59 South to Houston.

ANR yard I believe is at interlocker area North of office. UP's station Prosser! There shows a Moffett? Street that follows tracks East from North of Office at Prosser. I understand the folks are pleasant there. Probably tell you where to get those photos Monday thru Friday. Try 161.28 on scanner Monday Thru Friday.
Here is Map to Office location:

Map To ANR at 2225 Spence St, Lufkin, TX 75904


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Texas South-Eastern Railroad

Located in Diboll, Texas. Headquarters at 515 Pine Valley Road Diboll, Texas 75941 Phone 936-829-5613.

Interchanges with Union Pacific Railroad whose old SP "Rabbit" line follows US 59 South to Houston, Tx. Try 160.92 on scanner Monday thru Friday. Map to headquarters:

Map to TSE at 515 Pine Valley Road, Diboll, TX 75941


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Moscow Camden San Augustine Railroad

Office located in Camden, Texas. About 7
miles East of Moscow Tx where this line interchanges with the Union Pacific on the old SP "Rabbit" Try 161.205 on scanner Monday thru Friday.

Map to Moscow Camden San Augustine in Camden, TX


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Leggette Local

Any trip up US 59 would not be complete without a search for the Union Pacific Leggette Tx. local. See if you can find it:

Yes Virginia, there is a Leggette Road switcher!! It goes as far as the rock plant at Livingston South to do switching. On a rare, rare occasion it will go to Cleveland. Prior to the 97 meltdown they worked the big LP wood chip plant North of Cleveland frequently. When UP could not service them during meltdown they fired UP and went to trucks and swore never to go back to rail.
They work New Willard at MP 77.5 between Livingston and Leggette. Very important customer is the Moscow Camden San Augustine Railroad. The Leggette switcher gets cars ready for the Houston -Lufkin Turn there . The Houston - Lufkin Turn takes care of the Texas South-Eastern Railroad in Diboll. Almost daily the Leggette switcher takes cars to Corrigan where it makes it's Turn back from the North. Usually comes back to Leggette light power from Corrigan at end of day. Works Mon-Fri. Leggette apparently has a house track, a team track and a couple yard tracks.
So Ron says!!!


Help On Way For Shortlines June 2004??

From: .
Short-line tax credit bill passes Senate, but more needs to be done to improve small roads' infrastructure, NRC says
The Local Railroad Rehabilitation and Investment Act of 2003 (S. 1703) has passed the Senate, according to the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC). A House companion bill, H.R. 876, still is being considered by the House Ways & Means Committee.
The bills would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide short lines and regionals an income tax credit for track maintenance expenditures. Tax credits would be capped at $10,000 for every track mile regionals and short lines own or lease, and small roads would be able to transfer credits they can't use to other roads, shippers, suppliers or contractors. Credits would be issued against qualified track maintenance expenditures, such as maintaining or upgrading track, roadbed, bridges and related structures.
The Senate provision permits a tax credit of 30 cents on the dollar for infrastructure investments and caps the credit at miles of line operated times $3,500, according to the NRC.
"The Congressional Budget Office estimated a revenue impact of $500 million over three years, [which] would generate about $1.7 billion in track spending," said NRC Chairman Rick Ebersold in a column sent to members. "Unfortunately, the House companion bill does not contain a similar provision, so this will be a conference issue between the House and Senate."
Meanwhile, NRC and American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association officials support a congressional plan to increase the loan authority available under the Railroad Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Financing (RRIF) program tenfold to $35 billion.
Launched in 2001 as part of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), RRIF authorizes the Federal Railroad Administration to provide $3.5 billion in direct loans or loan guarantees to eligible railroads (including $1 billion set aside for regionals and short lines), state and local governments, and government-sponsored authorities to acquire, develop, improve or rehabilitate intermodal or rail facilities.
To generate even more federal funds for small-road infrastructure improvements, Congress should consider adding a short-line funding provision to TEA-21 reauthorization legislation, said Ebersold.
"The repair of our short-line rail network should be designated as a 'Project of National Significance,'" he said. "A combination of tax credits, RRIF loan reform and direct modernization grants should be concentrated in a coordinated effort to cure the $7 billion shortfall faced by these carriers."


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