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Trains On UP Palestine Sub.

UP & BNSF trains on Palestine Sub. best I can recollect.

LHR 35 The UP Conroe Local runs Mon.-Fri North from Spring, Tx Lloyd Yard as far North as Phelps, Tx

I HOYC UP- Houston Settegast Yard to Yard Center Illinois in Chicago area. Our only Intermodal. Called at Houston about 2:30 AM. Past Conroe about 4:00 to 5:00.

Q AGNL UP- Angleton Tx. to North Little Rock AR

Q EWNL UP- Houston Englewood Yard to North Little Rock.(Not Sure still runs)

Q HOMA J BNSF- Houston BNSF New South Yard to Madison Il. ( TRRA St. Louis) Power seems to come in on BNSF Houston Sub day before)

Q SRAS UP- Strang Yard Pasadena, Tx to Alton Southern at Valley Jct near St Louis Mo. .

Q HONL UP- Houston Settegast Yard to North Little Rock AR..

Q HOSH UP- Houston Settegast Yard to Shreveport, La.. Mixed freight.

Q PTNL UP- From PTRA to North Little Rock AR.

Q HOME J BNSF- Houston to Memphis

Of coarse you get more than this on Palestine Sub. because of Hearne to Palestine traffic merging in Palestine.

Trains On BNSF Houston Sub. & BNSF's Conroe Sub.

Bob Smith's List BNSF trains on BNSF CONROE SUB.

U CTRKTX = Center Tx To Kerr, Tx

U YOUKTX = Youens Tx to Kerr Tx.

U YOUBWW= Youens Tx To Brownwood Tx

U CVEBWW= Cleveland TX To Brownwood Tx

U MARCFS = Martin Lake Power Plant To Cliffstone, Tx (Big TUGX black cars)

U JSPKTX = Jasper Tx to Kerr

U CRLBNT = Carlsbad NM To Beaumont, Tx = Soda Ash

M SSBSVL = Silsbee Somerville ( Usually loaded tie cars for Somerville plant)

H LUBNWO = Lubbock to New Orleans ?

H BWWNWO = Brownwood to New Orleans?

H NWOSLA = New Orleans To Slaton Tx

Of coarse the reverse trains run too (ie:SLANWO I'm sure.)


I have made a list of the trains I know of that run on the B-RI, otherwise known as the BNSF Houston Sub.
Mixed Freight Trains:
M-TEAHOU       (Teague, TX - Houston, TX)
M-HOUTEA       (Houston, TX - Teague, TX)
M-TEAPTR **   (Teague, TX - PTRA Pasadena Yard)
M-TEANYD       (Teague, TX - PTRA North Yard)
M-ALTPTR       (Alliance, TX - PTRA Pasadena Yard)
M-HOUFTW       (Houston, TX - Ft. Worth, TX)
M-TULPTR **   (Tulsa, OK - PTRA Pasadena Yard)
M-TULNYD       (Tulsa, OK - PTRA North Yard)
M-OKCNYD (New) (Oklahoma City, OK - PTRA North Yard)
M-AMAPTR **   (Amarillo, TX - PTRA Pasadena Yard)
High Priority Freight
H-PTRSTL       (PTRA Pasadena Yard - St. Louis, MO)
Coal Trains
C-JRMMON       (Jacobs Ranch Mine, WY - Mossman, LA)
Rock Trains
U-CAKCTR       (Clark, OK - Center, TX)
U-CAKGAT       (Clark, OK - Galveston, TX)
U-CAKARC       (Clark, OK - Arcola, TX)
U-ARCCAK       (Arcola, TX - Clark, OK)
U-GATCAK       (Galveston, TX - Clark, OK)
U-CTRCAK       (Center, TX - Clark, OK)
U-ORRBWW       (Orr Siding - Brownwood, TX)
U-BWWORR       (Brownwood, TX - Orr Siding)
U-TOMKTX       (Tomball, TX - Kerr, TX)
U-KTXTOM       (Kerr, TX - Tomball, TX)
Unit Chemical Train
U-CSYDYT       (Casey Yard - Dayton, TX)
U-CSYGAT       (Casey Yard - Galveston, TX)
Work Trains
W-CSYCSY       (Casey Yard - Casey Yard)
** These trains are marked because they have been replaced with the North Yard trains (NYD).
If you can think of any others, let me know.
Happy railfanning,
Bob King
Amateur Radio - NM5L
Houston, TX
(MP 69 on BNSF Houston Sub)

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