Retired UP Locomotives


Union Pacific Railroad has accumulated surplus locomotives from all over the country and brought them to Houston, Texas. We found them on 2-18-2002 in Pierce yard. They were auctioned for average of $16,000 to $29,000 on Feb. 26th 2002.


I am told that #3001 and #3002 arrived Sep. 15, 2002 and that their lease began on the 16th. TGS/Econo-Rail is leasing four ex-UP/MP SD40-2's from Joseph Transportation for five years to operate on the AUAR. These locomotives are being set-up by Metro East Industries in St. Louis, MO. The other two, #3003 and #3004 are expected to arrive in about 3 to 4 weeks. I am told that these four SD40-2's will be used in pairs - reportedly two SD40-2's will pull 47 cars, where it took five MP15's to do the same. In case anyone is interested, the MP15's are also on a five year lease, but from Residco.
As for the history of these units:
3001 = ex-UP 9884, ex-UP 4119, ex-MP 3119, ex-T&P 3119, nee-T&P 820 3002 = ex-UP 3950, nee-MP 6050
3003 = ex-UP 3923, nee-MP 3923
3004 = ex-UP 8928, ex-UPB 4117, ex-UP 4117, ex-MP 3117, ex-T&P 3117, nee-T&P 818:2
All four are shipping with JTPX reporting marks and should receive AUAR reporting marks upon arrival. The two units that were built without dynamic brakes are receiving such and the former UP b-unit is receiving full cab appliances.
Now a special request - if anyone happens to take any quality roster and/or action slides of these four SD40-2's, I would be interested in acquiring some! I will trade or pay for them. Please keep me in mind and contact me off-list at the email address below.
  Randy Keller

Updated September 7 , 2014

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