Tracing LW75055

LW#75055 Loaded with Gyp Rock

Finally caught up with loaded gyprock car LW#75055 just South of Home in Conroe, Tx. Thanks to Peter Phillips who let me know when it left New Brunswick, Canada 3-1-01

Finding LW#75055

At about 8:17AM CST at MP201.59 on the Union Pacific Palestine
Subdivision I came upon the Conroe UP #35 local. It was about to push
some of it's cars into The Woodlands, Tx. 1,795 ft. siding. It was to
proceed North towards Huntsville to deliver some cars. I asked the
conductor if car # LW75055 was on their train after telling him the
story of why I wanted to know. He looked at his train sheet and sure
enough he pointed to UP#2398 & UP#149 about to shove cars into siding
and said it's right there!! So they were nice enough to back right in
front of me where LW75055 which had left New Brunswick Canada via the
New Brunswick Southern on 3-1-01 arrived within 1.16 miles of it's
destination. Will sit on siding about 4 hours. Will be delivered as
Conroe local #35 works it's way back to Spring. Gyp Rock bundles wrapped
in "Irving Kiln dried lumber" plastic. BTW you can't trust UP trace on
Est. time of departure. Last night at about 2:13AM UP#2398 showed time
of departure at 8:30AM this morning from Spring, Tx. At about 7:45 AM i
turned on scanner and heard UP Palestine dispatcher say " Ok#35 you're
good to go". I said Oh Heck!! So with no coffee took off. But all was
well. He covered those 10 miles quick! Thanks Peter for the fun of
tracing from your door to ours!!!
Bob Smith

Updated September 7 , 2014

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