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2015 FCC Conroe Texas Pumpkin Patch Info
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First Christian Church Conroe Tx Pumpkin Patch 2015

First Christian Church Is Proud Of It's Outreach Programs. Helping For Over Seventy Years

A PLACE FOR EVERYONE is what we call our SOUP KITCHEN ministry. If you like to have direct contact with the people you serve then this is the place for you. Every week our soup kitchen volunteers prepare food in our church kitchen and then take it to the Salvation Army where they serve it to hungry men, women, and children. If you want to experience the joy of seeing a little child’s eyes light up at the sight of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and hear their murmured thank you as they accept it, then you need to come join our team.

REACHING OUT to those in need is a very important part of the life of First Christian Church. The scope of the outreach program is very inclusive and offers everyone an opportunity to reflect God’s love by serving others, whatever your interests may be. First Christian’s Outreach Program occupies a unique place among the services offered in Montgomery County because we have the capability and the facilities to address all of the basic needs – hunger, shelter, transportation, and counseling.

If you like to work behind the scenes we have many opportunities for you to serve. Our FOOD PANTRY sacks donated food, canned good and nonperishable, which are then given out to people in need that come by the church and pick them up.

The Hug-A-Bears Ministry reaches out to those in need of comfort. A large group of men and women gather every week in our family center to make teddy bears. They enjoy fun and fellowship as they sew and paint teddy bears that are then distributed to frightened, hurting children in emergency rooms, pediatric wards and police stations in Montgomery County. First Christian Church has made over Twenty thousand (20,000)teddy bears.

From August 31, 2005 to Sept. 15, 2005 our Church was home of one of 2 Red Cross Shelters in Conroe, Tx. for Hurricane Katrina displaced Louisiana residents!!!

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