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Coupling up and leaving Palestine

Engine coupled to diner At left: The engine is coupled to the coaches in preparation to depart.

Onlookers and travelers   At left: Passengers making their way to the shorter train to Austin and San Antonio. There will be no food service tonight. This train will go all the way to Laredo. Normally it would turn around in San Antonio and another set of equipment would become number 1 to Laredo. Since this train is so late, the train up from Laredo is just about now leaving San Antonio for St. Louis. It will pick up the diner just taken off No. 1 at Palestine.

The gentlemen in the long coats are from the Gulf Coast Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. They are on the train today to ride a Missouri Pacific train one more time before they are all gone.Gentlemen

Eagle diner in Palestine At left: The diner sits waiting for tonights' No. 2 to pick it up. If any restocking needs to be done, the crew will have to find a grocery in Palestine. It will be on its way back north at 7:20 PM.

To San Antonio     
Mystery Train. Where was this picture taken?