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Here are some items collected over the years.
Below: A ticket envelope.

Missouri Pacific Ticket envelope
Below: Reverse of ticket envelope

Reverse of ticket envelope
Below: reverse of ticket folder.

Below left: A ticket issued by Houston Belt & Terminal. H B & T operated Union Station in Houston. It was Owned by Missouri pacific, Santa Fe, Burlington and Rock Island Lines. Houston Union Station is now Minute Maid Park.

HB&T ticket folder
Below: A ticket that the conductor would sell on board the train. This one was sold on March 26, 1968 from Conroe, Texas to Houston. The fare was $1.44.

Conductors ticket

Below left is a ticket from
Conroe, Texas to Houston.  At right is an extra fare ticket for two seats on train Number 2 from Atlanta, Texas to St. Louis. This ticket was issued in T&P territory between Fort Worth and Texarkana. That is why it is on T&P ticket stock.

Ticket-Conroe, Tx to Houston Extra fare seat ticket-Atlanta, Tx to St. Louis

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