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EMD International Locomotives

Ian Sends Update March 21, 2002

Hope all is well where you are. Sorry for not being in contact for a while. I have been busy with my layouts taking them to shows. Taking the US HO layout to a big show this weekend in London. I will send you some photos of this show if I remember my camera.

I have also gained a new web site address for the layouts.

The old one will also still work.


Ian lampkin


Photo Contributed By Ian Lampkin Feb. 2004


Here is a photo I took last Autumn about 20 miles from where I live in South East England. This lbranchline has an hourly passenger train service operated by these 40 year old diesel units. They are being replaced at the moment. They make a unique sound hence they are nicknamed Thumpers


As promised are a couple of photos of our local station. One photo shows one of the GMs shipped from your side of the Atlantic on a channel tunnel freight train. Normally these go a different route but now and again they get diverted via our station, Redhill.

We have about 4 passenger trains an hour each way to London, 1/2 an hour each way to Reading to the West of London., 2 each way an hour to Tonbridge to the East, and about 6 an hour each way to Gatwick airport, one of the main airports for London.


"Channel Tunnel" Freight Past Redhill Station

Ian Lampkin Photo
Appears to be EMD JT42CWR made in Ontario Canada

Redhill Station In the UK

Another Ian Lampkin Photo

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