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             ;                                             The Eagles
From the early 1940s until the beginning of Amtrak in 1971, the Missouri Pacific Eagles rode the rails.
From St. Louis to the great Southwest, these trains provided safe, comfortable travel.

1954 MoPac calendar In these web pages are some of the memories of that time past when travelers rode the Missouri Pacific Lines.  This was a time when streamlined trains served cities and towns all across America with efficient Eagle logo
convenient transportation.
  The time table at left is from September 19, 1954. At that time the number of trains radiating out from the St. Louis Union Station was impressive.
   From St. Louis, passengers went all the way to El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Omaha, and New Orleans without changing trains. Thru sleeping cars would take you all the way to California and even Mexico City.
On March 10,1940 Missouri Pacific inaugurated the first Eagle between St. Louis Union Station and Kansas City. In the following years after WWII more Eagle trains were added.

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Coupling the Eagle at Palestine Photo by Don Taylor Ticket folder

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